The process to adopt is to first fill out an application on the dog that you would like to adopt. Before it goes further, we would like there to be a meet-n-greet between the pups (if you have another dog). This is to make sure that the dogs are compatible. Then there is an interview that happens to determine if you are the right fit for this dog. (sometimes home visit?) If you are approved, one of the last steps is to fill out an adoption contract. After the contract is completed, there is an adoption fee to pay and we like to take a photo for our facebook, to show the previous fosters or shelters the amazing homes these dogs are going to.

All the dogs come spayed or neutered, their vaccinations up to date, and a microchip. Please be aware that some of the dogs that come up from the shelters in Texas do not have everything up to date and we will vaccinate them to be up to date.